Suprised Dog with Litter of PuppiesEach year, millions of unwanted and homeless animals are born in this country. Of those that end up in shelters, some will be adopted, but many will be euthanized. One of the most important things you can do for your pet is to have it spayed or neutered.

Financial Assistance

Speak to your veterinarian today about this simple, life saving surgery. If you are in need of financial assistance through a low-cost program, contact:

  • Regional Animal Shelter at 804-769-4983     8-19-20 S/N Clinic
  • Indian Rivers Humane Society at 804-885-3109
  • A.L. Shilling Spay & Neuter at 804-368-6232
  • Richmond S.P.C.A. at 804-521-1312

Do the right thing, spay or neuter your pet!