E-Pay stub is a secure way for an employee to view and/or print their earnings and/or W2s via the Internet from their office or home. You will first need to go to the website and set up your PIN number. The following information is what you will need to type in to register.

  1. Visit the E-Pay portal, then type in the company information into the user name and password.
  2. Determine what company you are paid from. For example type in user name epay01, then type in password epay01, then click on the Login button.
    • Company 01 King William County employees:
      • User Name: epay01
      • Password: epay01
    • Company 03 Department of Social Services employees
      • User Name: epay03
      • Password: epay03
  3. At the navigation menu, click on the drop down box for your check processing or W2.
  4. Click on E-Pay stubs/View/Print individual W2 at the bottom left corner, depending on whether you want to see your pay check information or View/print your W2 information.
  5. You will need to set up your PIN before you can see your information. When the BAI.Net Payroll Pay Stub/ View/Print employee W2 Inquiry appears, go to the middle right of the page. Click on create a PIN. Click on Create a New PIN. You will set up your personal information and create your PIN here. Be sure you enter your name the same way as on your pay advise/direct deposit. Please remember your PIN. Press the submit button.
  6. You will receive an email with your personal information.
  7. Click the return to processing button. Now you are ready to go find your information.
  8. Now enter your last name, date of birth, and the PIN number you just created, click on submit for pay stub/click on print box at the left top (this is a PDF file).
  9. The screen will show you your pay stub/W2.
  10. Click on the pay Stub/W2 you want to view/print.
  11. To print, click the printer friendly page for pay stub/X in the right top corner.
  12. To exit click return to navigation or previous.
  13. Make sure you log off at top right corner.