Name Change

An application for name change is handled in the Civil Division of the Circuit Court Clerk’s Office. You can check on the status of an application for name change after it is filed by visiting Virginia’s Judicial System Case Information website. Remember that staff in the clerk’s office cannot provide legal advice. If you represent yourself, you will be expected to follow the same procedures as an attorney.

Approved Forms

Virginia’s Judicial System Civil Forms website have the following forms and instructions to help people petition the circuit court for a name change:

  • Affidavit for Order of Publication [Form CC-1435]
  • Application for Change of Name (Adult) [Form CC-1411]
  • Order for Change of Name (Adult) (Printable Form)
  • Application for Change of Name (Minor)[Form CC-1427]
  • Order for Change of Name (Minor) (Printable Form)
  • Instructions for Affidavit for Order of Publication [Instructions for CC-1435]
  • Instructions for Petition for Name Change (Adult) [Instructions for CC-1411]
  • Instructions for Petition for Name Change (Child) [Instructions for CC-1427]

Print the Supreme Court’s revisable PDF forms using the "Print for Submission to Court" button rather than using the print feature of your browser. The clerk’s office cannot accept forms that have gray bars over printed material.

Filing an Application for Name Change

in person and Mailed Applications

  • An application and fees should be mailed or delivered in person to:
    King William County Circuit Court Clerk’s Office
    351 Courthouse Lane, Suite 130
    King William, VA 23086

After the Application is Filed

The clerk’s office will assign a case number and receive the filing and service fees. Depending upon the type of name change application, there may be additional procedural steps that have to be taken before the court will consider the application.

If the court enters an order granting the name change, the clerk’s office will send a certified copy to you or your attorney. The Virginia Code Section 8.01-217 requires the clerk to record the order in the current deed book in the clerk’s office, index it in both the old and new names, and transmit a certified copy of the order and the application to the State Registrar of Vital Records and the Central Criminal Records Exchange. 

Name Change & Marriage

View the Virginia State Bar pamphlet Marriage in Virginia, this is among the sources that address this topic.

Name Change & Divorce

Name changes are also granted in divorce suits. Consult the attorney handling your divorce suit, if you have questions about resuming your former name.

Obtaining Copies of a Name Change Order

When you request a copy in person or online, you will need identifying information such as the person’s old or new names, case number, deed book and page number, or the instrument number. Clerk’s staff can help you find documents when you visit the clerk’s office.