Office of the Assessor of Real Estate

King William County Assessor's Department conducts  assessments of all real property based on fair market value. Mass appraisal procedures are utilized to determine assessed values. Mass appraisal is defined by the International Association of Assessing Officers (IAAO) as "the process of valuing a group of properties as of a given date, using standard methods, employing common data, and allowing for statistical testing." The mass appraisal method is the industry standard for tax assessment purposes and is necessary to accomplish the valuation of the thousands of parcels located in the County.

  • Real estate assessments are required by law to be at 100% of fair market value. The Virginia Supreme Court has provided the following definition of fair market value:
    "The fair market value of a property is the price which it will bring when it is offered by sale by one who desires, but is not obliged, to sell it, and is bought by one who is under no necessity of having it."
  • King William County conducts real estate assessments every 2 years.
  • Real estate assessments are required to be uniform on the same class of property.
  • The tax rate for the 2021 Reassessment will be set at a Board of Supervisors meeting in Spring 2021. Information about this meeting will be posted on the King William County website at a later date.
*Please note: property record cards for the 2021 reassessment will be posted on the website after the appeals process is completed. Property record cards are available upon request.

King William County Overall Notice of Change in Assessment Data (2021 Reassessment)

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Review & appeals process

The Assessor's Department will send a notice to each property owner upon completion of a reassessment. The following are general guidelines for the appeals process:

  • Administrative Review: If after you receive and review your Notice of Real Estate Assessment Change you note any errors or corrections or wish to request a review, reconsideration or explanation of your determined reassessed value, the property owner or an Authorized Agent may do so by scheduling an appeal with the assessor by the deadline. 
  • Board of Equalization: If the departmental review is not satisfactory, you may appeal to the Board of Equalization. This is a five-member citizen board appointed by the Circuit Court. Specific information on filing an appeal with the Board of Equalization will be posted on the Board of Equalization page once the members are appointed.
  • Circuit Court: Another level of appeal is to file a petition in the Circuit Court of King William County. For information call the Clerk of the Circuit Court at 804-769-4936.

Second Assessment Notices for results in appeals held between October 19, 2020 through November 13, 2020 were mailed on December 23, 2020. If you had an appeal and did not receive a second notice please contact us.