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Volunteer Application Form

  1. I have read and understand the General Liability Release on pages 15 & 16 of the RAS Volunteer Standard Operating Procedures*
  2. Contact Information
  3. Please Print:
  4. Skills & Interest
  5. Have you had any formal training in animal care or animal welfare?*
  6. Volunteer Goal*
    Please check all that apply:
  7. Preferences in Volunteering*
    To help us match you with assignments you enjoy, please check the types of volunteer activities that interest you. Check all that apply:
  8. Are there specific tasks you are unable to perform due to physical limitations or personal preference?*
  9. Do you understand that some animals are euthanized at the facility?*
  10. Will you have any problems volunteering knowing this?*
  11. Availability
  12. Background Information
  13. Have you ever been convicted of a criminal offense?
  14. Have you ever worked or volunteered for an animal welfare organization such as S.P.C.A., P.E.T.A., Humane Society, ect.? *
  15. List Species/Breed, Rabies tag #, and County License #
  16. The following certification is required by the Code of Virginia 3.2-6548.*
    I certify that I have never been convicted of any crime or misdemeanor involving animal cruelty, neglect, or abandonment.
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