Social Services


172 Courthouse Lane
King William, VA 23086

P.O. Box 187
King William, VA 23086



Monday through Friday
8:30 am to 4:30 pm

Name Title Email Phone
Loadholt, Letecia Director 804-769-4913
Bess, Roxanna Self-Sufficiency Specialist II 804-769-4914
Braxton, Yolanda Family Services Specialist III 804-769-4996
Chamberlain, Darlene Administrative Services Manager 804-769-4907
Clouse, Stormi Administrative Program Assistant 804-769-4905
Crabbe, Denise Human Services Assistant III 804-769-4921
Harmon, Britt Benefit Program Specialist II 804-769-4904
Hunt, Michelle Benefit Programs Specialist IV 804-769-4912
Porter, Ann Children Services Act Coordinator 804-769-4922
Resnick, Angela Benefit Programs Specialist II 804-769-4986
Smith, Stacey Benefit Programs Supervisor 804-769-4903
Taylor, Romeka Benefits Program Specialist III 804-769-4910
Tevis, Amanda Assitant Director of Social Services 804-769-4909
Williams, Nina Family Services Specialist II 804-769-4987
Williams, Samantha Benefits Program Specialist II 804-769-4906
Magovero, Kelly Family Services Specialist II 804-769-4924